Leland Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Leland D. Johnson was born in Porter, Indiana is 1925, but lived most all his life in Hamilton. At age 17, Lee left Hamilton High School as a junior to serve in the US army. A proud WWII veteran, he served in Normandy and throughout Europe. He remained humble about his wartime experiences, telling close friends that “the real heroes were those who didn’t make it home”. He worked as a foreman at a Butler County factory and years later as a self-employed farmer. His biggest love was baseball. He was an umpire for 35 years and had a reputation for discussing baseball in great detail. Though he was known for having a loud voice, he was a kind and gentle man who especially loved those least able to help themselves. Mr. Johnson passed away February 18, 2012 and designated the residual of his assets to establish a Scholarship Fund that will assist area youth in furthering their education. Amounts of this award varies based on available funds and needs of the student.

Leland D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
$2,500 for one year