Andy Osborne Family Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in July, 2008 to provide support to a Hamilton High School student with financial need and pursuing an undergraduate degree from Miami University in a medical field. The scholarship was established in memory of the Andy Osborne family who resided in Hamilton for more than 40 years. Andy was married to Jeanetta for many years. Andy was a heavy equipment mechanic. They had two children, Janice and Ronnie. Jeanetta, Ronnie and Janice suffered from muscular dystrophy throughout their lives. Jeanetta passed away at the age of 42, Ronnie worked at Hamilton Tool Company and passed away at the age of 48, and Janice passed away in 2007 at the age of 61. Upon Janice’s death, at her request, this scholarship fund was established.

Andy Osborne Family Memorial Scholarship
$3000 - Renewable for additional 3 years