Athalene and Buddy Wallin Scholarship

This need-based scholarship fund was established by the Wallins to support students at Hamilton and Fairfield High School pursuing a college education. After receiving their education from Eastern Kentucky University, the Wallins came to Fairfield in 1958 and secured teaching positions in the Hamilton City Schools. Athalene began teaching at Buchanan and Coolidge and went on to George Washington Junior High until her retirement in 1986. Buddy began his teaching career at Jefferson Elementary and went on to teach physical education at Fairfield High School until his retirement in 1982. Buddy and Athalene both attribute their success to their education. They want to support students who value their education, have set goals and are willing to work hard to achieve success. A 3.0 GPA is required for this award.

Athalene and Buddy Wallin Scholarship
2500 for one year